wedding stories.

It’s been a couple of months since we were last part of a wedding story. It is a good feeling to be able to get some distance, gain perspective, drift, focus, slow down time… I’ve been shooting with my rollei sl66e and engaging in the joys that colour film brings. It is a valuable thing to break routine, comfortable or otherwise, to evolve.

this first weekend in august we start photographing wedding stories again and we are ready! We do still have some dates available between now and when we break again next winter – but not many. Emma & Aiden we are on our way, just a coffee between us and you… How is the day going to unfold? The excitement and the life is in the unknown and that gets us tingling. can’t wait to start.

And this from Michael leunig who can sum up things complicated, simply. From the ‘curly pyjama letters’

“it is not the length of life which is important. It is the shape and the spaciousness – for therein lies the potential for a beautiful freedom. It is the roundness of life that matters. A round life is surely a happy life. And dare I say, it is a good life”

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