AIDEN & EMMA, Mudgeeraba

for those of you who know us, you know emma is our fabulous bushturkey assistant – she has been creating photographs with me at weddings for the last year and a half. gorgeous, relaxed, easy and fun to be around – she is a joy. and she photographs with that joy. unbounded.

this speaks volumes about aiden – he has won her heart. aiden reminds me of my own brother. unselfish – he gives of himself to everyone around and everyone feels better and happier for it. and a good laugh – no pretensions to life. just welcoming it with open arms and laughing with it.

aiden loves emma. emma loves aiden. crafted to fit perfectly together. of this there is no doubt. to find your fit and to jump into life with verve. happiness.

family, friends, light, laughter, joy, music, honesty, energy – thank you for asking me to be a part of it.


[…] cool, level-headed, connected, talented (you can see more of her in the story of her own wedding here). she is based in Melbourne. she does travel. Her next wedding is in Colorado, USA. she is going […]

probably the best wedding photography i’ve seen so far. amazing.

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