BEN & PHOEBE, Amileka - Byron Bay

january: it`s the new year; i`ve been fed and watered, i`ve given and received, i`ve gurni`d, i`ve re-arranged, i`ve pondered, i`ve sat in the moment and looked forward.

and i`ve looked back at this wedding and wondered what just made it so bloody good. it wasn`t just that phoebe had walked into her ceremony 10 years after losing both her legs, one hand, the ends of all her other fingers and 50% of her eyesight. although her recovery is bloody amazing in its own right. actually – more than just amazing. it wasn`t just that ben had lost an eye with childhood cancer, but yet had more sight than most.  it wasn`t just that these guys had found each other, after all the things they`d lost. not just that ben had organised a group of friends to trek kokoda and raise money for phoebes prosthetic legs. it wasn`t just the venue. it wasn`t just the bridesmaids and groomsmen and mum`s and dad`s. it wasn`t just nan. or friends and other family. it wasn`t just the tree or the red bunny. it wasn`t just anything.

what was it. why does it bring tears to my eyes. I sit and try to write a feeling.

it wasn`t just anything. it was the sum of all things. the sum of phoebe`s experiences, of ben`s experiences, of theirs together. it was open. they give everything. there is pain, determination, strength, adaption, laughter and it is shared and felt. and everyone present had shared in these experiences. helped in these experiences. it was a collective. there was an ownership, an investment made that everyone benefitted from. it`s not enough of an explanation, I know. it`s clumsy, but the feeling is vast. it`s universal. 1 person can inspire and live and bring change and when 2 people come together like that, the power is enormous.

I left this wedding feeling like a better person than when I had started and wanting to continue to be an even better person. and I had only met ben & phoebe the day before. and i can see the tears in my eyes is gratefulness.

december: some words to come with this beautiful story soon… just don`t quite know what to say at the moment. how much to tell. how much to hold back. i`m more than just a little overwhelmed by it all. not least because its the end of the year and time to reflect.

big thank you to jane magnus at byron bay weddings and events and monique and her team from seaweed cuisine.




Beautiful wedding! In the photos where the bride is getting ready (pre wedding), do you know where and what that accomadation is called..? Thanks

Hi Bree, glad you like this wedding – I loved being a part of it. Phoebe got ready at their own house near the beach, so not a rentable option ;(


Just beautiful as usual Justin, how gorgeous are Ben and Phoebe and what a delight the whole day and night was, a very special event with a very special photographer in a very special place, well done yet again. Jane Magnus for Byron Bay Weddings and Events.

Wow…just a little teary myself. Gorgeous couple, amazing location…and the photography ain’t too shabby either 🙂

Phoebe Stuart

Justin! Thank you so much for being an integral part of our most joyous day! Ben and I had an absolute ball and our family and friends loved having you around for the whole day. Somehow you managed to become part of the inner core without us really noticing that you were busy snapping away! It was so great having you around and I am so pleased you documented so much of the day. We have such wonderful memories of the whole weekend and we feel so fortunate to have your amazing photos to treasure for many, many years to come. Every time I look at your snaps I feel emotional – it takes me right back to that damn tree at Amileka. Thank you so much for capturing us and the day in such an honest, personal and super cool manner. With many thanks and the bestest of wishes for 2012, Phoebe

looking foward to hearing more about the story…is this location for real? Stunning everything!

really am loving your wedding style…..more and more! Awesome set

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