JARRICK & SARAH, Gabbinbar Homestead – Toowoomba Gabbinbar homestead is extraordinary! Such a great feel and architecture and some great places to photograph in the grounds (can you hear how keen I am to be invited back to photograph a destination w... EV & MIC, Deux Belettes – Byron Bay Love shines strong at Deux Belettes. Ev and Mic put all their energy into life and into their wedding day. One of the most memorable days I have been a part of. Justin x a couple of days later ju... JEREMY & ANDIA, Private Property – Murwillumbah These two are some of the world`s best human beings. a small story of their recent and beautifully simple wedding day on the winter solstice @gunnebahretreat TIM & DANI, Private Property – Byron Bay It always seems that the last wedding I photograph is my new favourite, but 'favourite' is not the right word, nor the right way of looking at it. I don`t have a list, an order of weddings I enjoyed m... KAYLA & THOMAS, Yarra Valley – Victoria I want to share the recent wedding day story of Kayla and Thomas, set in the Yarra Valley outside Melbourne, Victoria. It was an unexpectedly hot day, with an almost tropically high humidity, which ke... NICK & SARA, Northern beaches – Sydney My brother-in-law, Nick, has lived overseas for most of the last 17 years or so that I have known and loved his sister. We first met in S London and a few years later he stayed and helped when we move... LUKE & EMILY, Deux Belettes – Byron Bay I shot this wedding a while ago. Today feels the right day to share it. I have a lot of love for this day, this place and these people. Educating and inspiring, Luke and Emily made me feel a better... CAROLYN & NEIL, Ewingsdale Hall – Byron Bay There were jokes about the Scottish contingent bringing their weather with them to 'sunny' Byron Bay. It poured. There was mud. But there was no stopping the force of energy and humour and fun in t... ANDREW & MIYE, Wategos beach – Byron Bay Miye and Andrew asked me to come and photograph their little gathering the afternoon before... It was beautiful. It was full of magic. Irena Kirpichnikova - celebrant. The Top Shop organised the aw... GRAHAM & ERIN, State Library – Brisbane This day and these people have affected me on a deep level. And just because they were themselves, openly and unashamedly, sharing their sadness and joy. Nothing more. Isn`t that a beautiful thing ... TOM & RHIANNON, Powerhouse – Brisbane Often weddings can be a speedy affair. Lots to get done, timelines to keep, stages to be ticked off. Not so for most of this day. And when time fades into the background, space opens up and more un... GEMMA & GRAHAM, Coopers Shoot – Byron Bay There is so much to like about Gemma & Graham and their wedding day. The location, a field above Byron, has been a favourite spot for a long time and is only the 2nd time I have been lucky enou... TYSON & CHERIE, Wollongbar – Byron Bay I can`t help but look through the finished photographs over and over quite a few times when the last stage of the editing comes to an end. I feel very involved all along the way in the process of phot... DOM & KAT, Hastings Point – Tweed coast It has to be said that I live in an awesome part of the world and I realise that I am very lucky to be here. I don`t think I did anything really to deserve that - not consciously anyway, but here I am... DYLAN & KANDY, Ewingsdale Hall – Byron Bay There is something fantastic about Dylan and Kandy. In fact there are a lots of things. But one thing is quite simple. They taught me something just by spending time with them and this is what I le...