EMILY & MATT, Bangalow Guest House – Bangalow To emily and matt. You a force of colour and love and smiles and beauty and absolutely awesome human beings - you make the planet a better place for being a part of it ) Bangalow Guest House.  c... ALAIN & NICOLE, Somerset Dam – Esk Thanks to Leela and her team from Your Gourmet for the wonderful as ever food, Anna from Sweetest Day for keeping it all together, Emily Jade for the lovely ceremony and Nanna Edna for being cool. ... LEVON & ANDIE, Byron View Farm – Byron Bay I could photograph this wedding over and over again. And it would be different and beautiful and full each time. Levon and Andie are just those kind of people. They draw you in. They have a great sens... JAMES & THEA, Elements – Byron Bay Part of the reason that inspires me to continue to photograph is the giving openness of the people and families I meet on a wedding day. It is a gravitational pull on me. even from the first email, ph... TARA & ZAL, Customs House – Brisbane i have been away for 3 months... coming back into shooting weddings after this time brings nervousness and excitement. but straight away i was welcomed as part of the day by an extended family from bo... SUE & RICH, Koh Samui – Thailand humid and tropical and in orderly mess koh samui sits and relaxes. the thai smiles with their myriad meanings never fail to seduce one in return. a simple communication between humans that is powerful... MICHAEL & ANGELA, Hamilton Island – Queensland there`s something about crossing water that makes you feel away from everything. separated. freed from the post and bills and all those small jobs and things that need attending to. it doesn`t need to... BEN & PHOEBE, Amileka – Byron Bay january: it`s the new year; i`ve been fed and watered, i`ve given and received, i`ve gurni`d, i`ve re-arranged, i`ve pondered, i`ve sat in the moment and looked forward. and i`ve looked back at thi... SEB & KRISTY, Noosa This day stays with me. Apart from on the phone and e-mail, I only just met Seb & Kristy the day before, for 10 minutes, while I was driving scouting locations just up north of Noosa. An area t... AIDEN & EMMA, Mudgeeraba for those of you who know us, you know emma is our fabulous bushturkey assistant - she has been creating photographs with me at weddings for the last year and a half. gorgeous, relaxed, easy and fun t...