Deux Belettes is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular places in the Byron Bay hinterland to photograph a wedding.

This day is alive and strong. I felt welcome and included, a place where I feel I can create the most authentic images. And the best of me was present and listening in.

The story that unfolded was mesmorising and powerful. The photographs connect in with a time and place and an emotion that was very present. And as I blog this wedding, the photographs create a trigger back to that experience, a way of connecting to it whenever you feel like it. Not just for the people in it, for these feelings, I feel, are universal. They give me access to my own experiences, remind me of my own joys and love, my freedom and energy. And if they do that for me, they must do that for everyone, right. We’re all essentially the same, we all want to love and be loved, to be warm and included, to feel comfortable in ourselves?

I am grateful to Sam and Freya, for the incredible people they are, for sharing themselves with each other and with their friends and family and for modelling what is actually important. Connection through relationship. With ourselves and with others. Acceptance. Freedom. Joy.

And thanks too to Chaplin the horse. He can`t help but be real.

You can also check out a slideshow here )



Venue: Deux Belettes,  Co-ordinator: Hayley Cravigan,  Celebrant: Modern Love Ceremonies,  Catering:  100 Mile Table