Our story

You found us! Brilliant. Whether by recommendation, google or just plain stumbling, you`re here and very welcome }

The seed for Bushturkey Studio was planted in a small slice of rainforest in northern nsw in 2002 with my wife Kirsten, (just after our son Jarrah, and just before our daughter Mali, were born).  Our business and our kids are now in their teenage years, and we are still enjoying and as energised by our business as we are with our kids. We make a good team. I take the photos and do the post production and Kirsten takes care of the album design. Our studio is a beautiful, inspiring space to work.

To date I have photographed nearly 500 wedding days. Which, thinking about that now, seems a huge number.  When I look through the photographs, I can feel the emotion again, smell the air, live in the spaciousness. This is their power. The ability to bring the experience and feeling into the now. And not just for the people in them, for these are universal feelings. They give me access to my own experiences, remind me of my own joys and love, my freedom and energy. Weddings are times filled with moments where what matters, what really matters, is sharply brought back into focus and I`m supremely grateful for these windows amid the much distraction.

This brings me to a feeling of gratefulness to the couples, for sharing themselves with each other and with their friends and family and for modelling what is actually important. Connection through relationship. With ourselves and with others. Acceptance. Freedom. Joy. … these are things that matter. It`s all here and more. LOVE.

So my advice to each couple on their wedding day is relax, let go and surrender to the moments happening right now, the only time that`s real. I document people who are gloriously real in all that they are. And the person you truly are is more than enough. Your beauty and imperfections, your style and inconsistencies, your truth and love, your desires and fears. I celebrate couples who relish in, and are often humbled by, their wedding day. I create photographs in the telling moments of the day, probably as you planned them, definitely as they unfold. Moments that speak to a bigger story. Since it’s an organic flowing process, it`s about collaboration, trust, freedom, care and connection in with this valuable moment, with the people and landscape around you. As your photographer, I am involved in my entirety.

There are many photographers out there, but with a considered approach, you will find the right one. And trust your instinct, go with who feels right for you. And if you end up choosing me, thank you both for trusting me – enjoy putting on an incredible day to celebrate this time in your life. Everyone will have a ball! Including me.

I’d love to hear more about your plans. If you can, please come and visit our studio for a tea or coffee. If we can’t meet in person, no problem, I love a good video Skype (at a time that suits, whatever the time difference).

Warm wishes, Justin x