DYLAN & KANDY, Ewingsdale Hall - Byron Bay

There is something fantastic about Dylan and Kandy. In fact there are a lots of things.

But one thing is quite simple. They taught me something just by spending time with them and this is what I learnt.

That it is enough to be myself. that being myself is actually more than enough. That being truly myself is the best thing I can be doing.

And when I really look at that, I realise that i am not always doing the best thing I could be doing. That i am sometimes trying to be someone else. Someone with more -er. Better. Cooler. More well known. That being myself is not enough.

Thank you Dylan and Kandy. You have great family and friends supporting you and I am extremely grateful to have been a part of your wedding day. And most of all I thank you for being truly yourselves. There is nothing better to be doing. Enjoy life in Boston )

And here`s to the man in the red sleeveless jumper!


big thanks to Rachael at The Events Lounge. Great job and really looking forward to another wedding together! and to The Larder. Brilliant ) and to Ashlea Penfold for the make-up.

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