GRAHAM & ERIN, State Library - Brisbane

This day and these people have affected me on a deep level. And just because they were themselves, openly and unashamedly, sharing their sadness and joy. Nothing more.

Isn`t that a beautiful thing about being human? That we feel a powerful, creative, freeing and light energy through connection. And what are the skills needed for this? Vulnerability. Trust. Non-judgement.

All these skills I see in Erin and Graham, gifted to them no doubt through their parents, and in turn, their parents. Thank you for the gift of showing yourselves to me, of showing me in yourselves. I feel grown for having met you and sharing this day with you.

Thank you James and Thea for having such awesome friends and recommending me to photograph them.

I also acknowledge and honour Graham`s father, pride and joy for his boys shining through his face on this day and who passed away a few weeks after.


Douglas Irvin

Truly beautiful images. These are to treasure mixing such sweetness and sorrow as events transpired.
It is a good life.
Douglas & Mary Ann

Can’t thank you enough Justin for your amazing work. It was a pleasure having you be part of the day. We enjoyed every moment – thanks for capturing them all so brilliantly!

Such a beautiful story. Incredible images Justin. X

Beautifully said Justin x

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