JAMES & THEA, Elements - Byron Bay

Part of the reason that inspires me to continue to photograph is the giving openness of the people and families I meet on a wedding day. It is a gravitational pull on me. even from the first email, phone call, Skype call… there is an invitation and a welcome to be myself and to be a part of something that reveals people at their core… emotions, relationships, character… and these are mostly people I have never met before… and yet from the doorstep, the front gate, the street, I am warmly ushered into the midst of their life as an important part of this day. There is no hesitation. And at the end, after the goodbyes and hugs and words and I am on my way home to my own family, I think I must have met these people before, that I have known them a long time, that they know me. And I am incredulous when I realise I haven’t.

Thea’s parents Sue and Simon, her Nan Pauline, her brothers Ollie and Alex and their friends, her sister Sarah and the bridesmaids, and Thea brought me into the midst of their life, preparing for the day together in a house by the beach. I imagine my own family. a time when my daughter may get married and we’re there, preparing for a days’s adventure, with my son and his friends, my wife, and our parents, and if our group relationship and dynamic is as open and sharing and present and connected as Thea’s family I will be a proud father and a happy man.

footy at the pass

with Thea`s family in the white house at watego`s

at north byron, north byron events


[…] you James and Thea for having such awesome friends and recommending me to photograph […]

I couldn’t make it to the wedding as my boys were sick. Looking at these beautiful photos, I feel as though I was there. From the preparation at the beginning of the day through to the party afterwards, I have seen snippets of Thee & Jim’s perfect day. Thank you so much.

Justin, these are the most wonderful memories of a perfect day – we can’t thank you enough for being a part of it. Unforgettable!

magical wedding story Justin! I adore the frame of Thea before the golf cart picture.

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