The everyday moments of life are just great. The bits that happen when you`re not even thinking and recording them in your own mind, because you`re in the moment. Taking your kids down to the local park after a bit of morning toast and banana, walking in the sun, checking out the ducks and swans and not minding the duck crap, checking out the grand waterfall that is actually just a trickle, actually, more of a leak, cuddling, sitting on a blanket, meeting up with family and friends, having a giggle at getting your photo taken together, saying goodbyes and hellos, getting that first coffee, walking past the merry fun park, getting to the swings and one is ready to use, pushing your daughter and watching her delight, walking with her on your shoulders, checking the view together, breathing out, sitting on a bench, going back for a lunch all together. So much just happens when you go to the park on a sunday morning!150816_002150816_003150816_006150816_008150816_008-2150816_009150816_011150816_019150816_020150816_024150816_026150816_027150816_029150816_030150816_033150816_036150816_045150816_047150816_051-2150816_051-3150816_049150816_057150816_060150816_070150816_073150816_075150816_082150816_084150816_093150816_095150816_106150816_107150816_112150816_115150816_120150816_121150816_122150816_127150816_132150816_134150816_138150816_139150816_143150816_146150816_149150816_152150816_155150816_157150816_163150816_173150816_181150816_167150816_186