LUKE & EMILY, Deux Belettes - Byron Bay

I shot this wedding a while ago. Today feels the right day to share it.

I have a lot of love for this day, this place and these people. Educating and inspiring, Luke and Emily made me feel a better person for having spent this time with them. I love the connective and joyful energy that we human beings have! Having spent large parts of my life disconnecting and withdrawing – staying safe, staying within myself – I find I am transported through what I see and feel when I photograph, to being a lighter, happier, more useful and capable man. It pulls me back into a beautiful humanity. I am forever grateful to people who allow myself and other photographers to come into their lives and photograph their story. I put all of myself into these days and my only wish is that I do it justice, and we see ourselves for the incredible people we are

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Love this wedding story!!! So many fantastic frames! Great photography Justin!!!

most definitely the right time to share it. wonderful story through your lens.

P.S. I’ve missed filming @ DB 😉

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