there`s something about crossing water that makes you feel away from everything. separated. freed from the post and bills and all those small jobs and things that need attending to. it doesn`t need to be a big expanse. rowing across to the other side of a lake will do. ferrying over to an island. lilo to the sandbar.

flying over the whitsundays is breathtaking and so is the shorter runway on Hamilton island. and then it`s on to the golf carts – no cars. it`s a slightly insane place bearing little resemblance to reality… but it`s absolutely stunning and i`d love to take the family back to sail around for a week or 2 or 3 or 4…

michael and angela were freed here. relaxed in a ‘you only need board shorts and a sunhat’ kind of way. and there was nothing really that they needed to do but look after themselves and each other. and I love that aspect of weddings. the freedom and space to be happy. and with the occassional electric whir of a golf cart, here there was freedom and space surrounded by water.