NICK & SARA, Northern beaches - Sydney

My brother-in-law, Nick, has lived overseas for most of the last 17 years or so that I have known and loved his sister. We first met in S London and a few years later he stayed and helped when we moved into the house I built for our family, re painting the 2nd hand roof, stretching the trawler nets we use as verandha railings and watering the newly sown grass.

A couple of years ago we all spent 3 glorious weeks on the Greek island of Skopelos eating gyros and bbq’d sardines and visiting beaches. He’s a great cook and easy and fun to hang out with, not afraid to be challenging with his ideas and words.

For the last 5/6 years, Bali has been his home. He returned late last year, with Sara, and their wedding planned for Feb. We met Sara just before Christmas, a hug at the door and a late night port creating instant connection. She’s cool. He’s cool.

Talk around the wedding was minimal. There was no fussing. No pinteresting. He bought a waistcoat and desert boots. She bought a dress. The ceremony was to be be down the end of the road, near the bus stop to work – admittedly a bus stop with a view. We drive down to Sydney for it, taking the kids out of school. Nick made the cupcakes early the day before with my daughter Mali helping. These were the ‘wedding cake’ – salted caramel and pretzel! They then went off to pick up Sara’s parents flying in from the U.S. Nick came back later and we threw paper aeroplanes and played badminton and woke early the next morning to a beautiful Sydney day. Sara arrived with her parents and we all met and walked down the street. It was an early ceremony with family only and then a brunch down the hill by the lake. Our family was in charge of ice (20 bags), we set up the picnic and drinks at the Peace Park round the corner and friends and extended arrived for the afternoon. It was a simple day, everyone helping make it work and even simple days are full and beautiful. And simple days have time. Time to be in the moment. Time to slow down. Time to forget about the plans and the framework of how the day is going to go.

I volunteered to photograph a story of the day. They wouldn’t have got a photographer otherwise. I was a guest too, with my family a part of it.
And this was a great story. A great wedding. As is every wedding no matter what shape or look it is. It’s not the surface that is the most important, but the heart of it. That makes everything.

And I have never seen Nick so happy. Thanks Sara! Yours is a great story with many pages to write yet!




I love this. It’s simplicity and authenticity oozing with love and the bond of family.

Amazing day, amazing photos mate. Cant thank you enough yiewww!

No worries Nick – glad you likey likey

What a great day!!! Love how relaxed it was!!!

Thanks Agi – it was super relaxed!!

Yes, yes and more yes – brilliantly captured and told.


Thanks Matt, as always – and I`ve snuck in a photo of Kirst and I too!

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