Ev and Mic {Deux Belettes, Byron Bay}

Love shines. x venue . deux belettes  dress . pallas couture  co-ordinator . hayley cravigan  floristry . the french petal  mua . ashley penfold  celebrant . michelle shannon  caterer . eatdrink  music . luke & sebastian     a couple of days later just after dawn...
September 6, 2015

Tom & Jill {London, UK}

I truly enjoy photographing people at whatever stage of life, trying to get a feel for the landscapes and the smells and the look of the particular time and place you are in. The 'engagement' session, fits in with this well, wether the week before the wedding day or a year before, it`s a time and space to reflect and connect. Tom and Jill are getting married next year here in Australia and their life leading up to this day is around working and living in London. We met one afternoon after work, ...
September 5, 2015

Jeremy and Andia {Murwillumbah}

These two are some of the world`s best human beings. a small story of their recent and beautifully simple wedding day on the winter solstice @gunnebahretreat
July 20, 2015

River {Burleigh}

Here`s to you, little man River, and for being such a cool 6 month old. x
June 13, 2015

Digby & Harriet {Clunes}

Family gatherings are one of the great human traditions that speak to all nations and cultures. It`s a universal. These four converged on the family farm with immediate family on an important date and I spent the afternoon with them as Digby, a boy who knows how to have fun, took us around to the chickens and the tractor and the fruit trees and the cows. Enthusiasm and adventure and connection - ingredients that will make for a full and beautiful life.
June 11, 2015

Tim and Dani {Byron Bay}

It always seems that the last wedding I photograph is my new favourite, but 'favourite' is not the right word, nor the right way of looking at it. I don`t have a list, an order of weddings I enjoyed most or least. I just have a sense of freshness from the last wedding I photographed, a rawness of feelings of being involved in the intimacy of a couples lives and photographing a story of the day. It`s quite intense. There is much to say about Tim and Dani`s day, and typically I struggle to narr ...
May 18, 2015

Kayla and Thomas {Yarra Valley}

I want to share the recent wedding day story of Kayla and Thomas, set in the Yarra Valley outside Melbourne, Victoria. It was an unexpectedly hot day, with an almost tropically high humidity, which kept the shady areas of the trees in high demand. The setting sun, as always, was spectacular. It`s inspirational to spend time with the someone you have just literally married, to slow down and breathe and feel the wind, to smell and listen. Having to hop the fence to be in the empty field made it ex ...
April 1, 2015

Nick and Sara (Sydney}

My brother-in-law, Nick, has lived overseas for most of the last 17 years or so that I have known and loved his sister. We first met in S London and a few years later he stayed and helped when we moved into the house I built for our family, re painting the 2nd hand roof, stretching the trawler nets we use as verandha railings and watering the newly sown grass. A couple of years ago we all spent 3 glorious weeks on the Greek island of Skopelos eating gyros and bbq'd sardines and visiting beach ...
February 24, 2015

Luke and Emily {Byron Bay}

I shot this wedding a while ago. Today feels the right day to share it. I have a lot of love for this day, this place and these people. Educating and inspiring, Luke and Emily made me feel a better person for having spent this time with them. I love the connective and joyful energy that we human beings have! Having spent large parts of my life disconnecting and withdrawing - staying safe, staying within myself - I find I am transported through what I see and feel when I photograph, to being a ...
February 10, 2015

Carolyn and Neil {Byron Bay}

There were jokes about the Scottish contingent bringing their weather with them to 'sunny' Byron Bay. It poured. There was mud. But there was no stopping the force of energy and humour and fun in the celebration of Neil and Carolyn`s wedding day. Proof that the weather is just another facet to the story - not the maker or breaker. I love photographing weddings because of days like this. Because of families and friends and gatherings like this. I feel a better, happier, freer person. Here`s ...
September 22, 2014

Andrew and Miye {Byron Bay}

Miye and Andrew asked me to come and photograph their little gathering the afternoon before... It was beautiful. It was full of magic. Irena Kirpichnikova - celebrant. The Top Shop organised the awesome food and smoothies and coffees and tent!
September 11, 2014

Graham and Erin {Brisbane}

This day and these people have affected me on a deep level. And just because they were themselves, openly and unashamedly, sharing their sadness and joy. Nothing more. Isn`t that a beautiful thing about being human? That we feel a powerful, creative, freeing and light energy through connection. And what are the skills needed for this? Vulnerability. Trust. Non-judgement. All these skills I see in Erin and Graham, gifted to them no doubt through their parents, and in turn, their parents. Th ...
August 25, 2014

Tom and Rhiannon {Brisbane}

Often weddings can be a speedy affair. Lots to get done, timelines to keep, stages to be ticked off. Not so for most of this day. And when time fades into the background, space opens up and more unpredictable things happen. Not just one photographic opportunity leading in to another photographic opportunity. Space to read the paper, polish the boots, chuck the footy, hug your mum and your dog, sit down, hang in a cafe, explore, have a picnic, lay down on the grass, look at the cakes, eat the ...
June 30, 2014

Gemma and Graham {Byron Bay}

There is so much to like about Gemma & Graham and their wedding day. The location, a field above Byron, has been a favourite spot for a long time and is only the 2nd time I have been lucky enough to photograph a wedding there. I`m ready for a 3rd and 4th and 5th + time there.  I love the sense of space a high open field brings. It opens up the sky. The local people involved that helped create the day are all beautiful people and give a lot of themselves - they add more to the day. The ...
June 20, 2014

Tyson and Cherie {Wollongbar}

I can`t help but look through the finished photographs over and over quite a few times when the last stage of the editing comes to an end. I feel very involved all along the way in the process of photographing a wedding and I want to feel that sense of roundedness and realness and completeness in the stories that I take part in, the buzzing warmth when the day all comes back to me through looking at the completed photographs. And when I see that, I am ready to let them go, to hand their story ov ...
May 15, 2014

Mitch and Sarah {Byron Bay}

I am nearly always surprised at the beauty within people. I`m not sure why. Maybe I used to have a belief that we have certain things in our make-up that separate us. But I don`t have that belief anymore and I haven`t for a while. At a core level we are the same. There is a feeling of wanting to love and be loved. And the things that are different about people; culture, religion, beliefs - these I want to honour and celebrate. For these differences make us human too. I suppose I`m losing my f ...
April 11, 2014

Dom and Kat {Hastings Point}

It has to be said that I live in an awesome part of the world and I realise that I am very lucky to be here. I don`t think I did anything really to deserve that - not consciously anyway, but here I am. I often photograph weddings that are just a bit further down the coast, or even further afield. Not often my local beach or headland or mountain. The Tweed Valley offers so much but Byron shire is more well known, so I find myself there a lot. And I love it there too. But I do get really excite ...
January 28, 2014

Josh and Nikki {Byron Bay}

Here`s to freedom and marrying someone you love on top of a hill surrounded by rolling hinterland and ocean! You shared something valuable of yourselves Josh and Nikki and I`m uplifted and grateful to be a part of celebrating you with your family and friends. Thank you. shot by Justin at Byron View Farm. ceremony beautifully held by Michelle Shannon. Styling in marquee by Maria at Frank and Joy ))
November 15, 2013