SUE & RICH, Koh Samui - Thailand

humid and tropical and in orderly mess koh samui sits and relaxes. the thai smiles with their myriad meanings never fail to seduce one in return. a simple communication between humans that is powerful and would be well to be used more in our land.

thank you to sue and rich`s loving family and friends. it was great to be a part of your meeting halfway between melbourne and barnsley.

i would like to have stayed longer )


Photos are absolutely stunning! What resort in Koh Samui was this wedding at? 🙂

Hi jamie – thx. The resort in the 6senses in north eastern samui. Are you planning on getting married there?

We love our wedding story photos 🙂 thank you so much again justin for flying all the way to thailand! can’t wait to share these with our family and friends when we’re back in england in a few weeks time!

perfect. just perfect. they made the right choice having you there.

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