TIM & DANI, Private Property - Byron Bay

It always seems that the last wedding I photograph is my new favourite, but ‘favourite’ is not the right word, nor the right way of looking at it. I don`t have a list, an order of weddings I enjoyed most or least. I just have a sense of freshness from the last wedding I photographed, a rawness of feelings of being involved in the intimacy of a couples lives and photographing a story of the day. It`s quite intense.

There is much to say about Tim and Dani`s day, and typically I struggle to narrow those thoughts down to a coherence. Much doesn’t fit into a word or phrase or an explanation. What I did feel was a strong sense of a compelling approach to living. They called it the ‘no plan’ plan but it was more than that because it came with a sense of making the most of opportunities, of being in the moment and living that moment out. It`s too easy to be thinking about the next thing that`s going to happen, about the plan. It`s easy to forget about what is happening right now; the breath, the light, the connections all around. I`m with them on this. Thanks for being amazing people! You taught me a great lesson about adventure with our trip to the headland.

Justin x

Co-ordinator – Jane Magnus / Byron Bay Weddings and Events, Venue – Pindara Estate, Catering – Seaweed Cuisine



What a true portrait of this gorgeous family. I loved every minute with these guys. Thanks as always Justin for simply capturing the moments that are truly beautiful – always love working with you. Jane x

Brilliant, brilliant storytelling. Bravo.

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