TYSON & CHERIE, Wollongbar - Byron Bay

I can`t help but look through the finished photographs over and over quite a few times when the last stage of the editing comes to an end. I feel very involved all along the way in the process of photographing a wedding and I want to feel that sense of roundedness and realness and completeness in the stories that I take part in, the buzzing warmth when the day all comes back to me through looking at the completed photographs. And when I see that, I am ready to let them go, to hand their story over to their owners to live a life with them.

There`s a lot of talk of ‘capturing’ and ‘shooting’ in the language of photography as if the camera is a trap or a weapon, but for me this is far from a reality. Photography for me is a path for freedom. Freedom to be yourself in the moment. Freedom for a moment to separate from the constraints of time. Freedom to look and listen without judgement. Freedom to express and show parts of yourself that might normally be hidden in the shadows. Not only does photography give me access to look at myself, it also gives me a purpose to connect with people “…in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others”. (N Mandela)

I love that Tyson & Cherie both got ready for this day in their family homes, places that had witnessed their lives and offered them a safe space. And that towards the end of the day we knocked on the door of a house to ask if we could walk out to the fig trees behind. I honour those trees, their stretching branches and roots. And I honour Tyson & Cherie, their families and friends.



Fantastic story!!!

sooooooooooo sooooooooo beautiful Justin!!!

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