GEMMA & GRAHAM, Coopers Shoot - Byron Bay

There is so much to like about Gemma & Graham and their wedding day.

The location, a field above Byron, has been a favourite spot for a long time and is only the 2nd time I have been lucky enough to photograph a wedding there. I`m ready for a 3rd and 4th and 5th + time there.  I love the sense of space a high open field brings. It opens up the sky.

The local people involved that helped create the day are all beautiful people and give a lot of themselves – they add more to the day. The crew at Mudhoney down in Byron for the hair and make-up, Estelle from the French Petal (always incredible floral pieces), Koko and Brooke and all the Harvest team for the setup and co-ordination and space in Newrybar, Fox & Fowl and Byron Strings for the music and Michelle Shannon for her ability to create such beautiful ceremonies. The picnic baskets were sourced by the family from local suppliers.

And Gemma and Graham are at the centre of this. Quietly magnetic. Almost old-fashioned in their politeness and their easy way of being with each other and with everyone. It`s such a lovely way of being. I`m very grateful to have photographed this day and after 12 years I am continually reminded why I still love photographing weddings. It`s because of days and people like this. Congratulations G & G.


Tijana Lillioja

Hi Justin, I was just wondering what the name of this location is? I am looking for something like this. It is beautiful

Hi, it`s a private farm. Vet hard to get places like this unless you know the landowners – or approach them yourself!

Laraine Wilson

Would love to have been a guest!!!

Justin you capture such beauty.. You have just brought back so many lovely memories of one of the most perfect wedding days of the year… Like you I feel lucky to have been part of Gemma and Graham’s wedding day .. Michelle

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