The wollumbinmountain project was started at the beginning of 2015 as a way to start my day and create a space and time to connect in with nature and with myself. I`ve made a commitment to be up and present on the days I am here.

There`s no doubt I feel luck to have a mountain to see  from the top of my road, just a couple of minutes away. But even if I didn`t I would still find a place where the morning light hits and re-visit it daily at this hour. Theres something about seeing the same, but different. It opens up my perspective and my ability to see the beauty in the everyday, the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Wollumbin is a sacred mountain at the centre of the Tweed valley, E. Australia, which was formed as the result of the erosion of a giant shield volcano many millions of years ago. The result is an extremely fertile area with sub-tropical climate. The centre plug left behind became Wollumbin Mountain. Captain Cook named it Mount Warning, after the dangerous rocks encountered just off the coast.

It is the highest peak in an area that forms the most easterly part of mainland Australia and therefore, the first place to receive the warmth of the sun’s rays at the beginning of each day. It resembles a head lying down on the ground and looking up into above.

I hope you enjoy the view too! Justin