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The Wollumbin Mountain "Cloud Catcher" series of photographs began in 2015.

It's about ritualising a time of day, slowing down, breathing in and noticing the small and big differences; the wind on the face, the sounds and smells, the light.

Wollumbin is a mountain at the centre of the Tweed valley and is the aboriginal name. A translation is "cloud catcher". It was also named by Captain Cook sailing past as Mount Warning.

As the highest peak on the most easterly part of mainland Australia, it receives the first of the sun's rays at the beginning of each day and attracts clouds whenever there is moisture in the sky.

One Aboriginal myth is that the mountain represents a warrior lying down and looking up into the above, and his profile is clearly seen from this angle.

Available as a series of single prints and also as a sets of images in either oblongs or portholes of 9, 27, 54 and 108 as below.