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Drew & Teghan – Lighthouse and Byron Beach Cafe, Byron Bay. Kate

There was such a gentle calm about this day.  As though some quiet unseen force carried us all along in it’s arms, placing us in a sunlit alcove beneath the lighthouse and onto the squeaky softness of the sand dunes at Byron Beach Cafe.  Drew and Teghan, you guys were beautiful, the day was beautiful. Thank you for having me. x




Hair by Leah. Flowers by Passion@Byron Bay. Celebrant Irena Kirpichnikova.

Mitch & Sarah – Visionnaire Estate, Byron. Justin

I am nearly always surprised at the beauty within people. I`m not sure why. Maybe I used to have a belief that we have certain things in our make-up that separate us. But I don`t have that belief anymore and I haven`t for a while. At a core level we are the same. There is a feeling of wanting to love and be loved. And the things that are different about people; culture, religion, beliefs – these I want to honour and celebrate. For these differences make us human too.

I suppose I`m losing my fear of other people and a feeling that in some way I am not good enough. I`m losing a sense of judging myself and judging others. And in that space of non-judgement the world seems both easier and more full of beauty.

Both Mitch and Sarah have this easy way of being. They seem to take everybody in. They find it easy to laugh and be themselves. And not to pretend to be anything different. It`s easy to see why they are into each other. And why so many people are into them. Their friendships are solid and will always be. I feel this gift they offer to their friends and family and know that they feel it too. I photograph this day and at the end I feel how great it is to be human, no matter how hard it can be at times. Thank you Mitch and Sarah for showing me the beauty within us. And that also means me.

at Visionnaire Estate in Byron. Hair & MU – Alex Ouston. Bridal shoes – Christian Louboutin.  Food and styling by EatDrink.


  • Kate - Stunning wedding, beautifully captured. Nice work Mr J.ReplyCancel

  • Tamika - Beautiful Sarah & Mitch x Love it Justin xReplyCancel

James & Sarah – Dreamtime Beach, Fingal. Emma

We skyped – me in my kitchen late at night and they from somewhere in the middle of the African continent where James and Sarah work and live. It wasn`t long before their wedding date and they were looking for a photographer to record their wedding day. Luckily our associate photographer Emma was available. The stars aligned. They flew in. Here is their story. A simple and relaxed beach wedding. Congratulations!



Nina & Ben – private property, Byron Bay. Kate

Talk about a celebration! These two beautiful souls, with their unbridled sense of creativity, their spirited nature, their love of life.
Being asked to photograph a bride who is an amazing wedding photographer (check her out here) certainly sent my anxiety levels rising to an all time high (gasp!).  But when the day finally arrived, with it’s perfect blue skies and even more perfectly relaxed bride, I couldn’t help but forget about silly little anxieties, when all around me was laughter, love and a deep seated sense of knowing we were all witnessing a very real and perfect union of 2 very real and awesome individuals.


Nina and Ben, thank you for having me be a part of this day. It was an honor.


  • Janice Gibbs - Beautiful pictures of a beautiful day…..ReplyCancel

    • Kate - Thank you Jan. It was really special being a part of the day with you all. xReplyCancel

  • emma viljoen - These photographs are so emotive. I feel teary without even knowing the couple. Beautiful, soulful capturing. Well done Kate.ReplyCancel

  • Stine Jensen - …and this is why I want to be a wedding photographer. Love the Bushturkey of photography. Simply stunning!ReplyCancel

  • todd hunter mcgaw - super lovely stuff Kate!!! ^_^ReplyCancel

  • Michaela Fuka - Dear Nina and Ben! What a wonderful celebration you have had and I am so sorry, I missed it.
    It seemed to be very romantic and also very exclusiv, not Standard. And once again, I wish you a wonderful life zugether.
    Luci will give you my present with a great big hug and kiss.
    Yours Michaela
    Franz, Sigrid Gerhard, Isabella und Werner.ReplyCancel

  • Nina Karsay - Thankyou so much Kate… This day was so very special to us and I’m so grateful that it’s been captured so beautifully. We love them! xxReplyCancel

  • Nomi - So divinely beautiful. Gorgeous styling, loving and radiant atmosphere, and i LOVE your dress, Nina. Sorry we missed it xxx NomiReplyCancel

Callan & Catherine – Watego`s and Harvest Cafe, Byron Bay. Justin

These guys… they told me their plan and I thought…. yeah! Take a year off and after we marry in Byron, we`ll travel to all 7 continents and at some point in the adventure and wonder and curiosity, we`ll hold some form of ritual on each to celebrate life and love. A beautiful stamp on this earth.

I laughingly pitched the idea of meeting them in all 7, a seriousness hidden behind the ridiculousness of how this would be possible. There`s always a way? But vast wealth was not in their luggage, or in mine.

so… love in South America, Antarctica, North America, Europe, Africa, Asia… and they are somewhere there now as I write this. I`m really happy they made this plan and are living it out. “Hope you guys are going good!”

…this was the start of this year long plan, small and intimate and involved.


at Harvest Cafe (this place just gets better and better and it has always been excellent), serenaded on the beach with the awesomely stunning and magical Miss Renee Simone and with celebrant Irena K. and transported in party vibe style by The Magic Bus.