Gopi & Parker | Madhuban | Byron Bay

Love wins. Every time. Congratulations Gopi and Parker for finding each other and celebrating your love to this world. It shines brighter and warmer because of it. Wedding Planning by Jane Magnus - Byron Bay Luxury Weddings, Celebrant Katie - Humming Hearts, Wedding Rings by Ami Ben Her - Organic Gold, videographer - Marc Media, Flowers - Braer Studio, Catering - Seaweed Cuisine, Cake - Bvked
November 17, 2017

Emma & Gordy | Henley-on-Thames | UK

Meeting Emma and Gordy the year before on my annual English summer wedding trip, I knew it was going to be something special, because these two are something special. Thank you for being your wonderful selves and for making the best of the great British weather.
September 6, 2017

Rory & Bel {Byron View Farm, Byron Bay}

Byron Bay offers some of the best wedding venues and landscapes, great for a photographer and for humans in general. There`s just something about this area that is magical and draws people in to being open and adventurous and joyful. Rory and Bel, are just these kind of people. Often in the public spotlight with their excellence in their chosen fields, they are genuine and warm, welcoming and down to earth. Wishing you both a lifetime of fun and adventure, Justin x
March 8, 2017

Dean & Bella {Mornington Peninsula}

Like a parent I know I`m not supposed to have favourites. But this wedding is possibly just that. A favourite. And it's to do with the space and the welcoming of people as they are to enjoy together in that space. Dean and Bella are two of the most welcoming and accepting, fun and relaxed people you could meet. How could this weekend not become a favourite. I`m right at home here! As soon as I met Dean & Bella I knew I was in for a treat. A camping Forever Festival over a January weekend ...
February 2, 2017

Dylan & Koby {The Fig Tree, Byron Bay}

Congratulations Dylan and Koby on a beautiful wedding day in Byron Bay. Pretty much everyday is a beautiful day to photograph a wedding here, sun or rain. Such a cracking relationship you two have together. Gentle yet strong, serious yet light-hearted, connected yet freeing. It was a joy to be a part with your family and friends who all think the world of you. I`m not surprised they do. I leave feeling warmer and happier! I`m sure you will have an incredible life together and my hope is that ...
January 28, 2017

Sam & Freya {Deux Belettes, Byron Bay}

Deux Belettes is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular places in the Byron Bay hinterland to photograph a wedding. This day is alive and strong. I felt welcome and included, a place where I feel I can create the most authentic images. And the best of me was present and listening in. The story that unfolded was mesmorising and powerful. The photographs connect in with a time and place and an emotion that was very present. And as I blog this wedding, the photographs create a trigger back t ...
January 27, 2017

Darcy & CJ {Dunes, Ballina}

A great location at Dunes on the Beach in Ballina with this kick-ass couple who exemplify the best of humanity. Fun, open, giving, inclusive, free, kind, compassionate, understanding, generous... Love to you and your life together D and CJ -  Justin x You can also check out a slideshow here )
October 18, 2016

Laura & Alistair {Bangalow A&I Hall}

The Arts and Industry Hall in Bangalow, in the Byron Bay hinterland, is a beautiful building and one of my local favourites. I met Laura and Alistair about 15 minutes before they were due to get married. Quite unusual, but not a problem. No preparation photography, just diving into the crux of what is important on a wedding day and holding my breath until late into the night. I loved every minute of it. With no rigid set plan, it just flowed. Blessings to you and for your life together. It was a ...
September 21, 2016

Hilary & Gus {Cram’s Farm, Tweed Valley}

Photographing a wedding in my backyard is fantastic. I do love to travel and see new places and have new experiences, but I also love weddings in my country, my home. The Tweed Valley, just north of Byron Bay, is this place for me. There`s something special here, I can feel it through the soles of my feet, through my fingertips. There`s something special about these people too. Hilary and Gus. Congratulations! What an incredibly inspiring and joyous couple you are. May you have many fun and adve ...
August 19, 2016

Stu & Penny, Scooby & Tanner

A month out from their Byron Bay wedding, Stu and Penny go for a beach dawn walk with their besties, Scooby and Tanner, a favourite time of day. What a life these guys create and enjoy together!
July 21, 2016

Peta & Rob {Byron Via Farm, Byron Bay}

A wedding at Byron View Farm is sure to be great. I am in my element as a wedding photographer here; with this view, this spaciousness, these cows and fields and the sun that we can witness setting on the horizon. "... and then I met you" There are times and moments where what matters, what really matters, is sharply brought back into focus and I`m supremely grateful for these windows amid the much distraction. This day, Rob and Peta married. Family, happiness, care, openness, connectio ...
April 6, 2016

Corey & Sammy {northern beaches, Sydney}

My wife's family are from Sydney's northern beaches, home of some stunning coastline. We drive down and visit once or twice a year for holidays or I am more than happy to travel  to photograph destination weddings or portrait stories. Corey and Sammy were creating their Byron Bay wedding on the family farm and took some time out one Monday afternoon to meet at the beach, go for a walk and leave time behind. Nothing but connection, these occasions are just sheer joy to witness and is one of th ...
February 1, 2016

Matt & Amy {Byron Bay}

Let love sparkle. Early December in Byron Bay was sub-tropically wet. Not maybe what you would visualise as the weather for your wedding day when planning. But does it ever go according to plan? And aren`t the surprises in life, the bits that make it worth living? I think so. And if I had forgotten it, Matt and Amy are exactly the people that you want in your life to help remember, to let go and surrender to the moments happening right now, the only time that`s real. Embrace life. It`s worth ...
January 14, 2016

Adam & Alana {Newport substation, Melbourne}

Having lived a large part of my youth growing up in and around London, England, I feel a certain affinity for industrial buildings and spaces. There`s a wildness to them, a certain rawness. Living in the beautiful rainforest of Northern NSW, not far from Byron Bay, is about a different kind of rawness and wildness. So with glee I jumped at the chance to photograph a wedding in Melbourne, at the iconic Substation in Newport. Ahhh, the joys of being a destination wedding photographer and travellin ...
December 1, 2015

Don & Lucie {Henley, UK}

I decided this year to leave Byron Bay and the northern rivers where I live and put myself out there as a wedding and portrait photographer in the UK for a couple of summer weeks every year. And of course, this paves the way for an easy access to destinations for weddings all across UK and Europe with no long haul travel fees. A huge part was to make sure I regularly saw my family and friends over there. This first year I photographed two weddings, an engagement shoot and three portrait sessions ...
October 15, 2015

Jarrik and Sarah {Gabbinbar, Toowoomba}

An extraordinary homestead. Such a great feel and architecture and some great places to photograph in the grounds. I am keen to be invited back to photograph a destination wedding here again. It`s just over 3 hours from The Bushturkey base just outside Byron Bay. And this wedding day, with just about probably two of the most excellent humans to be living on this beautiful planet. And they found each other!
October 11, 2015

Don and Lucie {Chiltern Valley, UK}

Time leading up to a wedding day is busy and can be stressful and it`s quite easy to get lost in it, quite easy to forget why you are getting married and what celebrating a wedding day is about. Early in the week before their wedding, Don and Lucie took some time out and went for a morning walk in the country with their dog, and me, something they would normally do, except the me part, something they thought they probably didn`t have time to do, except I suggested it. I like to think that this s ...
October 3, 2015

Eva {London, UK}

Happy first birthday Eva! You`re a legend already and thank you for taking me on one of your adventures in London. The rain didn`t put you off at all and we found shelter at the right time when it really started to pour. You`re in the flow! To your parents, Cal and Scott, you`re very cool too. Justin x
October 3, 2015