Counselling with Justin

Counselling with Justin

at WELL-AWARE-NESS Psychology

Currently, I’m completing a placement at WELL-AWARE-NESS Psychology as part of a Masters of Counselling and Psychotherapy with ACAP (Australian College of Applied Psychology).

I warmly invite you to reach out to schedule appointments with me for insightful counselling sessions on Thursdays and Fridays in person or perhaps another time on-line. Your journey towards personal growth and well-being starts with a simple message, call, or email using the form below.

Discounted placement donations of $50 per session.

With nearly twenty years as a wedding and portrait photographer, I've cultivated a wealth of experience that seamlessly transitions into counselling. Through capturing intimate moments and emotions, I've refined my empathy and ability to connect deeply with individuals. This work has sharpened my observation skills and understanding of human dynamics, facilitating authentic connections with clients.

My photography role has also equipped me with valuable insights into communication, trust-building, and the importance of fostering a safe environment. These skills are crucial in guiding individuals through their personal journeys, promoting growth, healing, and meaningful change.